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Welcome in!

Welcome to Tess Paints! Dive into my gallery for a mix of digital and traditional artworks. Explore the colors, and happy feelings woven into each piece

Here is a sneak peek at my portfolio with a bunch of my art—digital, traditional, you name it. Dive in and check it out on the Portfolio page—lots of colors and stories waiting for you!

About Me

"They did an excellent job with our custom print, turning our concept into a visually striking piece that perfectly fits our style. "
                                                                                                  - Elena, Sterling

I'm Tess — a non-binary digital artist, painter, and muralist — exploring different ways to express my creativity on both digital screens and physical spaces. Read more about what I do and my goals in the "About Me" section!

"Thank you, Tess, your commission nailed exactly what I had in mind, and I am loving the finished product. "                                                                                                                       - Nathan
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